Credibility Killer #1
Smash This Hurdle With A Good Website


Hurdle #2 - No or Substandard Website

You don't need a GREAT LOOKING WEBSITE-looks and feel are one thing but functionality is another. Make sure that your site is functional, that is the most important thing. Make sure that all of your links are working properly and that your website is optimized for search engines. And one thing is for sure, if you plan on selling products on ANY type portal, you will need a website. Any most marketers will tell that in on order to make real money on the internet you will need a website. So it’s important to have a website or some type of internet presence. Just remember, most vendors will not let you market their product unless you have a website or landing page.

  • Buy A website or Build One - Learn the importance of a functional website

  • Your Target Audience - Who you want to reach

  • Search Engine Readiness - Online, Offline Optimization

  • Submit your website - Submit your site to search engines like, and more

  • Steps To A Successful Website - Link building 

  • Promote Your Website - Learn how to drive traffic to your site

  • FTP - Uploading your site to the internet 


Your website is the most important tool and asset that you have, make sure that it is functional, and all links are working.

Of course it doesn't stop there. One of the most important elements on your site should be the content that is on it, Google will rank you higher when you have good informative Content posted on your site. Website optimization is a must, so don't forget the ON and OFF page optimization of your site. These are only a few of the things which you must consider when building a functional website, but the most important.


Our Webmasters program, offer you a solution to this HURDLE by providing our partners with a “Free” internet presence in the form of our OBCARD (online business card). With the ISBAB SEO Optimized ProfitFunnel 2.0 Mini website you can be up and running in much less time than it would normally take to build and populate any website. Go HERE! to secure some of the free tools that are available to you.


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