The image to the right is the actual landing page and review that I made to promote the product *Instant Forex Profit Robot* in 2018. It enbodies all the elements that a good landing page should have. Basically there are 2 types of landing pages. The landing page that you build to promote your own products and services, and a landing page that you build for the product that you are promoting. In either case the basic elements are the same.

In order to really earn big bucks advertising and selling products, you have to spend some money, there’s no way around it. At first I would try a combination of free traffic and paid traffic. If done right, both methods can get targeted customers to your product. So, that brings us to the image below. As you can see this landing page fulfils all of the requirements of a good landing page. Remember the landing page is the first page that your customer should see after clicking on your link. Use the combination of Adwords, Social Media, Youtube and Article Submission” to send hordes of targeted free and paid traffic to a landing page similar to the one you see to the right.

Of course you can market any product just by using email or video marketing. Video marketring is a very powerful method while most of the time email marketing is not as TARGETED. And that is why I use all three. By building a small, 1 page landing page you can target your traffic better and make more sales. We will get more into this later, but for now you need to concentrate on a landing page. When you choose a product to promote, the very first thing that you should do is to visit the vendors landing page, this is „IMPORTANT“. Never promote a product without checking out the products landing page and the best way to determine this is to visit the site.

If a product is a high end product and sells for hundreds of dollars then the sales letter on the vendors landing page should reflect that. There should be enough information with bullets, large fonts, videos and links to the product. If a product is not a high end product, then the sales letter does not have to be so elaborate, but should also have bullets, large fonts, links, videos etc.

After you have checked out the vendors landing page your next task is to see if you are getting scammed or not... So make a google search for the product „Instant Forex Profit Robot“ for instance and check out the reviews. See what people are saying about this product.

This is a popular product and there is money to be made there, even though some of the reviews are questionable. Please note that this lesson is to show you how to market any product and the steps that you need to take to be successful at it. As you can see from the image my landing page looks like the vendors. But the question is why??? It's a psychological thing.

When a potential customer lands on your page they could be led to believe that it is the vendors page. Difference being, your page has different information and all of the links and banners point to the vendors page. So if they are interested in buying the product they will more than likely follow one of your links or banners to purchase the product. One of the most important thing at this point is traffic, whether using free or paid traffic, you need lots of it.

The object here is to send traffic to your landing page to give potential customers different information (your copy) that they don't get on the vendors page. On your landing page it is better to use some SEO tactics in your *On and off page* optimization that will help get traffic to your landing page, which means that you have to get your keywords and meta content together.

As I said, if you have experience in such things it will be no problem for you, if you need help with this just drop us a line at and we will gladly help you. This information and more can be found in my book The ” Work from Home Instant Income ProfitFunnel System”, available on Amazon HERE! and Barnes & Nobel HERE!


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