Keywords Run Search Engines

I’m writing this because I am a member of many different Groups and I noticed that they all have one thing in common, and that is most of the sites that I visited are having massive problems and making fatal mistakes when it comes to search engine optimization.

Online promotion is very important to your business success and if you have a product or service to sell, the Internet is probably the best place to do it, because millions of people search the Internet daily looking for a solution to their problem, and you might have the solution to that problem-but how will you know this if you  don’t get the right kind of traffic to your website??

Using the wrong keywords to optimize your site with could be deadly to your online success. And I think that everyone will agree that the most important thing is to sell your product or service. That’s why we’re in business.

My specialty is website design and optimization, but I also know a he-- of a lot about advertising and I am a Product Launch manager taught by Jeff Walker. I learned from the best. Guys like Michael Cheney, Jimmy Brown and Mike Nicholas, and I have gone through their schools.I’m going to tell you a little secret. Every time someone in the groups that I am involved in mentions something about their website I take it upon myself to check out their site to see how it’s set up-that is your optimization.

I noticed that at least 90% of all members in every group all are making drastic mistakes when they build their website, especially when it comes to choosing the right keywords to promote their website, product or service with. Having keywords on your site is just as important as your Content, if you have no keywords, how will people find your site in a search? Because keywords and keyword phrases are what people enter into a search to find the solution to their particular problem. And if you are using the right keywords you can attract many visitors to your site.


When it comes to on-page SEO, keywords are the biggest factor in determining your websites success or failure. When deciding which keywords to use, you’ll need to do some homework and research before deciding which keywords to go for. Which type of keyword you want to use for your marketing is going to depend very much on the type of traffic that you want to drive to your site or the vendors offer. As keywords get longer, search volume becomes lower. However, all other metrics such as conversion rates go in favor of long tail keywords.

Short Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords have a few things working for and against them. For example if you are trying to drive a lot of traffic to your site, you should use short tail keywords. The thing here is that if your site is “new” or if you just started your search efforts, you will have to get in back of a very long line using generic or short tail keywords.

High Volume - When it comes to volume, short tail keyword is going to win over long tail keywords every time. The shorter the keyword is, the higher the search volume will be. If you could rank for a short tail keyword, you’re definitely going to get plenty of organic traffic.

Competition - Because of the high search volumes, almost everyone is trying to rank for short tail keywords, the rewards are high. Just remember, competition for short tail keywords is very competitive. So if you notice the pattern here, it’s clear that unless your company is huge at the international level, it is really tough to get into the first page of Google search results, unless you are paying.

Focus: Low - Do not gorget the issue of your search not being “targeted.” People searching for “Dog” might also be looking for dog training collar, or dog books etc. You will be competing against big business names when you simply search DOG.

Cost: High - Short tail keywords also have a cost factor involved which is going to get expensive. Google AdWords is going to charge you a pretty penny to get into the short tail keyword business for your common search terms. Because so many other people are buying them you are going to need to pay a premium for your presence in these searches.

Conversion Rate: Low - Finally, the thing that most people don’t like about short tail keyword is the low conversion rate. Say you have a term that’s searched for a lot. Even if you get 10,000 searches and 100 clicks your conversion rate may be one or two customers. While those one or two customers may be your bread and butter, the truth is that you may have more luck and less expense using long tail keywords with high search volumes.

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords can lie dormant for a while but when they are used they are typically quite deadly. There isn’t too much else that competes with these keywords as you’ll see.

Volume: Low - When you are talking about long tail keywords you have to appreciate the level of volume. Your volume of traffic from long tail keywords is going to be far less, unless you are using niche specific high volume long tail keywords.

Competition: Low - The competition among others is also lower when you have decided on a long tail keyword. When you have a search term like “RV camper power cord hatch cover” or “baseball card holder sheets” you are getting traffic. The good news for you if you’re selling these things is that there are few others who are selling the same thing. The search is going to be geared towards whatever it is you are selling and the competition for this specific traffic will be low

Focus: High - Just like the low competition made evident, because of the targeted nature of search traffic you get will, for most businesses selling specific things, be ideal.

Cost: Low - Another added benefit to the lower traffic long tail keywords is that you are going to pay a lot less for them. Google AdWords has a reduced price for searches that are specific and contain more terms. This means that you won’t show up nearly as high in general searches, but you will have a lot lower cost to get you there.

For small businesses who may have a PPC arrangement, this is going to be huge for your monthly cost. When you are selling more things to fewer customers that will be even better!

Conversion Rates: High - One last point about long tail keywords is the increased conversion rates. If you have people seeking out such specific things as discussed above, you will have a far easier time converting the traffic you generate. These conversion numbers are obviously going to vary depending on what it is you’re selling and where, jusr remember, Google strongly favor long tail keyword with high search volumes.

Place your keywords in your Header, the Content and Bottom of the index page

Always bold and put your MAIN keywords in italic. Search engines love this. Sure you can have a keyword generator in your Meta Content, but are they the keywords that you really need to optimize your website with? NO. And if your website is a flash website, it will be hard for you to rank good in Google.

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