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These are the basic hurdles that every business owner is forced to overcome if they want to become successful, and the reason why over 96% of all online marketers fail to earn decent money; just remember - SUCCESS DOES NOT COME WITHOUT A PRICE. If you can overcome these 12 hurdles you will be well on your way to earning a decent living on the internet, whether small business owner affiliate or MLM marketer.

1 GETTING YOUR FEET WET - trying to find out what’s going on, buying different products and getting the feel of things.
2 BUILDING MARKETING AND TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE - how to get people to buy from you, how to get people to come to your site, how to create offers and present things that people will give you money- building knowledge-how to create a website how to put everything together, how to set up payment process, a members page or download page…
3 GETTING TO KNOW AFFILIATE AND MLM MARKETINGpeople usually start here to try and earn more money, they try to find products to earn commissions from themselves, trying to find the best products out there, and is seen as a starting point to make money online with no products no delivery, customer support or anything like that.
4 BUILDING YOUR FIRST WEBSITE - build page or blog or facebook page, but you know that you have to get something online. Then Google slaps and you loose all your traffic and unfortunately this is usually the first possible hurdle that will knock  you back to start and you’re back at ground zero basically trying to build up your technical knowledge again. Let’s say that you get past this hurdle and make it to the next level.
BUILD CREDIBILITY to build a brand you need a high level of trust and credibility so that people know who you are, know your background and that you are an expert. Whether buying from you or your affiliate offer, you need a high level of trust for people to take action on your advice so that they will buy from you.
6 BUILD YOUR BRAND - build personal brand or business brand, some type of identity or logo so that people recognize you over the net, trust you and buy from you.

GAIN EXPERIENCE -- working 3 hours a day 365 days a year will get you 1000 hours, and studies have shown that you need 10.000 hours of experience to become an expert at anything, whether playing tennis, becoming an author or to become a business person, so you will need 10 years to reach your goal so 10.000 hours are a lot of hours.

REALIZE YOU NEED A PRODUCT this is when you realize that you need a product to make more money. The advantages are: you can control it better, you keep all the profits, your list of customers is worth more than the initial sale- so you realize that you need your own product-the overwhelming offers of products and how to do that actually confuse you causing you to loose focus, so what do you do? Most people go back to affiliate marketing because they think that it is easier to do, and you’re back at hurdle 3
FIND YOUR NICHE(s)- if you manage to get past this hurdle and get a product, you then will need to find a niche where people have lots of money and are willing to spend that money and ready to buy from you-if they have a problem you can help them solve it with your product find the best niche and where they hang out, where they go online, what are their interests what makes them tick to get them to buy from you – you have to fine the niches buying points - find what actually makes them want to buy the product, what are they struggling with-how can you match your product to their problems. Get to know that niche and find it’s pain point so that you can use in your marketing to sell- the second hurdle that will take you back to- point 3

BUILDING YOUR OFFERS - build your front end product and offer which is the first product that you sell to somebody. You build that front end product to sell them other products at a later date, so you build that offer-videos audios or a combination of  them which is a low price product-you create a sales page or offer to sell that video, build a webpage get the domain name

a . BUILD AN UPSELL AND DOWNSELL - once you hit them with that first offer you have to say look I have another offer for you, that will give you more info and help you do this easier-it’s not absolutely necessary but it will help to get better results- its more in dept than the original offer-more videos, swipe files, ebooks, anything that you give them that will help them right off that you create-where as the front offer is the “how to ” and teaches them how to do it depending on if you have the 10.000 hours of experience.
b. BUILD A BACKEND OFFER building a backend offer is where the money is made- front end offer+ upsell and is and back end offer is called a profit pipe line. Sell it for $500 or 1000 dollars
TEST EVERYTHING - the first time that you do this you have to test everything, usually the first time out it doesn’t work, maybe for a short time but usually it doesn’t work, test the brand name , sales letter, how you present your offers in combination with each other, traffic-where is it coming from-test all the different sources, there hundreds of things that you have to test-this is a other danger point because the internet is constantly changing and you product is no longer relevant- so your sales stop instantly, and you end up trying do find another niche.
But there is a solution to solving and overcoming all of these hurdles that will catapult you from the first all the way to through the last hurdle in practically one leap. You don’t have to build a website,  no back end offer, no experience or product. It removes the need to any of the 12 hurdles which are keeping you from online success, and the best part is that you can implement this whether doing MLM of affiliate marketing or whatever business model that ou have…
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Before you start your business make sure that you have checked and completed all of the items listed below. Remember, by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

1-Choose a business.
2-Research the business idea.
3-What will you sell?
4-Is it legal?
5-Who will buy it and how often?
6-Are you willing to do what it takes to sell the product?
7-What will it cost to produce, advertise, sell & deliver?
8-With what laws will you have to comply?
9-Can you make a profit?
10-How long will it take to make a profit?
11-Write a business plan and marketing plan.
12-Choose a business name.
13-See if the business name is available for use as a domain name.
14-Register the domain name even if you aren't ready to use it yet.
15-Choose a location for the business.
16-Check zoning laws
17-File partnership, corporate or limited liability company papers with the Secretary of State's office.
18-File state tax forms with the Franchise Tax Board.
19-Check the Department of Consumers Affairs sites in your state to get any required business licenses or permits.
20-Contact the Internal Revenue Service for information on filing your federal tax schedules.
21-Apply for a seller's permit with the State Board of Equalization if you are going to sell tangible personal property. Examples of tangible personal property include such items as
furniture, giftware, toys, antiques, clothing, cars, staples, etc.
22-Contact the State Board of Equalization to see if you are responsible for any fuel, alcohol,
tobacco, or other special taxes and fees.
23-Apply for an employer identification number with the Employment Development
Department (EDD) if you will have employees.
24-Find out about workers' compensation if you will have employees.
25-Register or reserve federal trademark/servicemark.
26-Register copyrights.
27-Apply for patent if you will be marketing an invention.
28-Order any required notices (advertisements you have to place) of your intent to do
business in the community.
29-Have business phone or extra residential phone lines installed.
30-Check into business insurance needs.
31-Get adequate business insurance or a business rider to a homeowner's policy.
32-Get tax information such as record keeping requirements, information on withholding taxes if you will have employees, information on hiring independent contractors, facts
about estimating taxes, forms of organization, etc.
33-Open a bank account for the business.
34-Have business cards and stationery printed.
35-Purchase equipment or supplies.
36-Order inventory, signage and fixtures.
37-Get an email address.
38-Find a web hosting company.
39-Get your Website set up.
40-Have sales literature prepared.
41-Call for information about Yellow Pages advertising.
42-Place advertising in newspapers or other media if yours is the type of business that will
benefit from paid advertising.
43-Call everyone you know and let them know you are in business.

Some of these items may not apply to your business but generally these are the things which you should check first.

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