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So you want to take that leap into cyberspace not only as a visitor but as the owner of your own website and internet business because you’ve heard that it is possible to earn tons of cash on the internet. This is absolutely true. And maybe you have taken the first steps and want to do more, but you are not sure how to do it and what it’s going to cost. Perhaps you are already an accomplished cybernaut, but the features, functions, and visibility of your web site didn’t fit your budget, so we’re here to help. We all want to take the inexpensive route, and believe me there is no shame in getting something for nothing especially when other people dig deep into their pockets to accomplish the very same thing. So let’s be clear about one thing:

You don’t need a computer science degree or one in advanced technical training or any tools to have a solid web presence. Now days there exists all types of Websites which you can download free of charge and make changes to it (pictures, graphics, text, etc.) without the help of a web master. You will also need a little will power, and… 

  • A computer            
  • Determination
  • Time to work on your project
  • Internet connection

The rest you will get from US. We are your support team.

We know that computers aren’t free, and if you have problems getting access to either a personal one or use a friends, then you can use the library, computer or government sponsored shops or Internet or kiosk shop. In any case you are going to need a computer.

As for determination I take for granted that you are determined because you have already made the first step by visiting our website. But if you don’t, have determination, then I suggest that you stop reading this right now. Any project worth starting is worth finishing. Decide 100% if you really want to do this… If you are unsure then maybe you might want to reconsider, because you are in for a little work. But if work doesn’t scare you, and you have the time, then carry on….. one thing is for sure, once you have everything in place and have started your business, you can sit back relax and watch the Rubbles roll in.

But before we dive into this, there is one more thing that you should know; That is the difference between the Internet and the Web (world wide web or WWW) Many people use these terms interchangeably but they aren’t the same. First came the Internet which is like an electronic roadway system connection different destinations, a global network connecting millions of computers and millions of users where information is exchanged.

The information highway consists of millions of miles of copper wire, fiber optic cables and Satellite connections around the world, and then the World Wide Web. No one owns it or controls it because each Internet computer or host is independent. The host decides which internet service it will use, as well as how long and the duration of time it will be on the Internet. Getting Connected is not as difficult as one might imagine.

What does all this mean to you?????? It means that it doesn’t matter where you are in the universe if you have access to a computer and the internet then you have access to potential jobs, even if you create them yourself. 

Earnings Potential - How Bad Do You Want It???

With the examples below we could like to show you how easy it could be to change some peoples lives. Our plan is simple.

Let’s say that we teach these techniques to a student. Once they have these techniques down, and are earning money, they can in turn teach any member of their family to do the same, and so forth and so on. It doesn’t matter where you in the universe everyone have the same basic needs. So we put together a few example scenarios to help explain how this could work and help someone. And if you have to support a large family and you are the only bread winner then you should listen to this.

We figured that by explaining it this way one could see better the potential for helping people help themselves through Internet marketing. These figures do not represent any official statements about income earnings in any country, but as we all know, the income level of of most second and third world countries is well below the poverty level for some people, so our figures are realistic at least.

Earnings: Day job if you have one.

The average person with a day job no matter where they are, work approximately 160 hours per month. And if they are lucky let’s say that they earn $1500 per month.

Earnings: Internet marketing.

If a person worked only a few hours a week (10-12 hours) online with the right training they could earn twice as much as a person who worked 160 hours in a one month period of time.

Increase your yearly income by as much % as you want

Now just think, if you had access to the Internet, how your live could change drastically. Your earnings could jump as high as you want them to each year. And most people, even a lot of so called Internet marketers don’t know this. If you have a website and did nothing else but Google Adsense a person using the right ads could earn lots of money without lifting a finger.

You only have to know for sure that there is money to be made, and where to go to get it. The easiest thing in the world to do is to earn $50 monthly on the Internet working just a few hours a week. Why it’s so easy that a five year old could do it.



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