By Failing To Prepare You Are Preparing To Fail
Smash This Hurdle And Be More Successful...

Hurdle #1 - Failure to Prepare

#Build your business before you start. But how?? First decide on what type of business you will be conducting--you should do your homework and see which NICHE you would like to enter. You will need to build your website around your theme. There are many things that you have to consider when starting and building up your business. Choosing a company name, choosing your niche, getting a website together, finding a home for your site, choosing a domain name, registering with Search Engines and more.

Prepare Your Business - Failure to prepare is the first hurdle that many start-up business owners are confronted with.


  • Decide On A Business Name - Learn the importance of a NICHE oriented business name

  • Choose Your Domain Name - Learn how to choose a domain name for your business

  • Find A Home For Your Website - Learn where the cheapest providers are

  • Choosing Your Niche - Lean the importance of entering the right Niche.

  • Keyword Research - Very important for marketing and selling products

  • Build Your Portfolio - Collect products that you wish to sell or promote

  • Product Launch Formula - Learn one of the most important aspects of a start-up business 

  • Build Your Business - How to build a strong and reliable profit funnel

  • Introduction To Marketing - Learn the basic techniques that are important for selling products online.

Before you do anything you should already have your website set up and have chosen your Niche market, your Niche domain name, searched your first product by making sure that your website is search engine friendly… So you need a solution that will allow you to get you business up and running in as little time as possible.


ISBAB is your #1 go to partner to help you get your business started in no time, no waiting, no videos to view, just plain LEARNING BY DOING, simple but effective. This will allot you more time to concentrate on the marketing side in your business.

Remember the most important thing is to prepare your business first. You wouldn't move into a new house or apartment without renovating first would you? So prepare your business, make sure that your website is functional, have your niche and business names, domain name and join a few repositories to start marketing products. Have everything in place before you start. We are going to smash this hurdle by giving you concrete information pertaining to all aspects of #Starting a new business.



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