Article Submission Is Still Alive And Well
Article writing is one of the most time tested ways to build high quality back links and page rank (PR) for your site no matter how old or the current ranking of your domain. The basic concept is simple. Write an article, submit it to article directories where other users pick up your article and post it on their websites which have (hopefully) similarly related themes. As a result you’ll get high quality contextual back links from everyone that posts your article on their site. The problem is you wrote one article and as many as 100 people may have picked it up and shared it with the world on your site.

You think, Great! That’s 100 back links on pages with my article which is obviously related to my website! Google will love it and the world will bow to my powerful and high ranking website! Or not… In reality Google will more than likely keep only 5-10% of these articles indexed in their search results. The rest are essentially disregarded and ignored unless you spin your article 100 times, and the most obvious solution of course is to write more articles or spin your articles. So you write 1 article and get 5 back links that Google counts, which is not bad. So lets spin that article 50 or 100 times and hopefully you will get 200-300 back links that Google wont throw out.

This of course works. So you have two choices. Have 50 good articles written for your site which you will have to spend a little money to get someone to do this for you. And how much will it cost? $500? $750? Or you can write the articles spin them and use the money for something else. Spend a little more time writing them and then and send them through an article spinner and get spontaneous Content absolutely free. You might ask is it #spam? No, far from it. It is high quality content that you created yourself which #Google just loves because this is high quality content that you are providing which is neither spam nor worthless duplicate Content. 

Once you have your articles finishes try to find directories that will let you use anchor text links in the text part of your articles. Just remember: not all directories provide you with do follow links, most of them are no follow links which are ok but will not help your Google ranking. Below are a few sites that have do follow links that you can submit to, but you will need to find more. So make a search in Google for do follow back links and you will get sites that offer do follow back links.

List of Do Follow Article Submission Sites

Ezine Articles

Idea Marketers

Article Dashboard Directory

Self Growth


Articles Factory Worth

Submit your articles here, but they are not voted on by the public. Write and submit a quality article... But don't duplicate.

List of Do Follow Social Portal Sites

What to do with them? Create pages with strategic page names and titles. Point them to corresponding pages on your web site. Use strategic keywords, make things interesting, and promote each page as if they were individual web sites. Add them to related groups if the sites have this feature. Work up the page rank.



List After List

And many more...

You can also make use of our Article Section they should be written



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