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By Don Ridgeway | Date Submitted:November - 12- 2008
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One of the biggest challenges of owning an online business is to get traffic or visitors to your site that will purchase your product or service. But how do you get people to come to your site? This is one of the main strategies that you must use when conducting business online.Today I’m going to give you a few tips on optimizing your website to get optimal traffic coming to your site and rank high in the search engines as well. In my last message to you I mentioned about the Google Slap and how important it is to have good Content on your website. And one good way to stay on good terms with Google for instance is to have good meaningful Content on your website, for Google it’s about providing usable information to customers when they visit your site, and your online and offline optimization should be your top priority.

And one good way to have good content is to choose your keywords carefully and place them strategically on your website where they make sense, enhance your website’s appearance and increase your search engine rankings. So I’m going to give you a few tips that you can do to improve your rankings and get more traffic to your site.


When people search terms on the internet and are looking for a particular service or product, they will type in the search certain keywords-your job is to find out what that is. When a search engine index your website, they send out what they call spiders and crawlers to search for relevant keywords on your website. When they index your site the crawler searches from top left to bottom right--and it indexes or records the relevant keywords on that page. So here are some things that you can do to get your site ranking better in the search engines.  Many people don’t know it but It’s all about keywords and where you place them on your site. Keyword and keyword phrases are the backbone of your campaign, your keyword list should be your top priority. Take the time and develop your list.

Keyword research:


What is it that people are looking for that is related to your Website, Ad, Product or Service-this is the $64.000 question. But how does one find out the answer to this question? By using the right bait you can catch “BIG” fish, if you don’t use the correct phrase or phrases you won’t catch any fish at all- simple as that. You have to find out what people are typing into the search box??? I’m pretty sure that right off the bat you probably could think of 4 or 5 words or so that fit your product or service, but are they really that what people are searching for??.

Please go to www.wordtracker.com for a free trial to check keyword popularity, here you can type in search terms related to your Website or Ad and find out what people are actually searching for on the internet that is related to your Business, Ad or Service. Here is basically how it works:

  • enter your related keyword or keyword phrase into the box,
  • After results appear, click on the keywords and put them in the Evaluation basket below, you can enter up to 30 keywords in the basket.
  • Look for gaps- how many sites are competing for that phrase? The fewer the sites competing for that phrase the better your chances are. The figure you want to take note of is the 'KEI Analysis'. The higher this figure, the more popular your keyword is and the less competition it has.
  • This generally means that you will find it easier to reach the top of this keyword. Now you need to make sense of the KEI figure. Generally, a poor keyword to target will have a KEI of between 0 - 10.
  • That means that there are too many people are using this keyword and it would not be wise to target keywords with this KEI as there is too much competition and you will probably end up on page 48 in Google and no-one will ever notice you!

Good keywords to target have a KEI of between 10--100. These are good value bets and you have a good to medium chance of reaching the top. Between 100- 400 are your best bets and anything above 400+ is a gift! As I was writing this e-book I made a small search of the keyword ”Affiliate Marketing”. So let’s take an example, the keyword at the top of the list -- "webmaster affiliates program". This keyword has a KEI of 283.756 and is therefore a very good keyword to target (its KEI is between 100 and 400). If you're wondering how you actually get these words to the top, here is a great articles at http://www.wordtracker.com/articles for you to look at.

These are the keywords or keyword phrases which you can incorporate into the text of your web pages. Once you have your keywords put them in the title of each major page on your site as well as in your Meta Tags and description for that page. Be sure to use only one phrase per main page that you have on your site. But what you should do is to incorporate the keyword into the title of your page, (let’s say the home page) it would look something like this, I used this for one of my sites:


Webmaster affiliates program would then be the main keyword which you will use to optimise your index page with-for the Content on this page use this keyword several times and bold it for better SEO ranking. Now to get even better ranking, you could also add h1, h2 h3, or as many header tags to your page as you want, but don’t over do it. Other header tags that you could use for instance would look something like this:

<h1> affiliate high income business opportunities</h1>

                  <h2> affiliate best based business home</h2>

<h3> best affiliate small business opportunities</h3>


h1-h2-h3 This is what the spider will read when it visits your website

These are the type of tags that will make your page strong and will help you better optimise your site for all of the major search engines. If you use too many of these phrases in the wrong way, Google search crawler will see them as irrelevant and will omit them. This is one of the methods used to get loads of traffic coming to your site. Once you know which keywords are relevant to your site you have hurdled the first obstacle. But to be honest, you also have to find out the same for MSN, Alta Vista, Yahoo, and ASK which are the more popular search engines so here are a few more sites that you can use for keyword research. Go to keyworddiscovery.com/search.htm or http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/ or http://buzzlog.buzz.yahoo.com/acto for the suggestion tool.

<title> your website or service webmaster affiliates program :Home</title>

Meta Description: your Meta Tags should include all of your keyword.  webmaster affiliates program, affiliate high income business opportunities, affiliate best based business home, best affiliate small business opportunities, etc. You should use as many related keywords in your Meta Tags as possible- this belongs to your online optimization and is very important. So as you can see, how choosing the right keywords is a vital and important part of your Online and Offline optimization. 

  1. in the header of your website you can also use an old image tag and place your keywords in the image to get good ranking,
  2. For good Content, use your keywords in a manner that makes sense on your site and intergrate them into your text
  3. at the very bottom of your page where the Copyright © is place your main keyword there -webmaster affiliates program

Always remember, Google will reward you when you place comprehensive information and Content on your website, once you properly optimize your site, you can expect a great increase in traffic to your business. These are simple things that you can do to get good S.E.O. ranking from search engines.

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