The Power Of Keywords

I’m writing this because I am a member of many different Groups and I noticed that they all have one thing in common, and that is most of the sites that I visited are having massive problems and making fatal mistakes when it comes to search engine optimization.


Online promotion is very important to your business success and if you have a product or service to sell, the Internet is probably the best place to do it, because millions of people search the Internet daily looking for a solution to their problem, and you might have the solution to that problem-but how will you know this if you  don’t get the right kind of traffic to your website??


Using the wrong keywords to optimize your site with could be deadly to your online success. And I think that everyone will agree that the most important thing is to sell your product or service. That’s why we’re in business.

My specialty is website design and optimization, but I also know a he-- of a lot about advertising and I am a Product Launch manager taught by Jeff Walker. I learned from the best. Guys like Michael Cheney, Jimmy Brown and Mike Nicholas, and I have gone through their schools.I’m going to tell you a little secret. Every time someone in the groups that I am involved in mentions something about their website I take it upon myself to check out their site to see how it’s set up-that is your online and offline optimization.


I noticed that at least 90% of all members in every group all are making drastic mistakes when they build their website, especially when it comes to choosing the right keywords to promote their website, product or service with. Having keywords on your site is just as important as your Content, if you have no keywords, how will people find your site in a search? Because keywords and keyword phrases are what people enter into a search to find the solution to their particular problem. And if you are using the right keywords you can attract many visitors to your site.

Keywords run Search Engines period. 

If your website is not optimized with the right keywords, people will never find you in a Google or any other search. 

I would like to show you how to increase your ranking in Google and all other search engines without paying one cent. I will show you how this works and maybe you will understand better.For this purpose I will use a website of mine that I personally designed 5 years ago that I hardly promote anymore located at http://www.rcmg-3.com.


These are my main keywords which I used to optimize my site with.

affiliate high income business opportunities

best affiliate small business opportunities    

So, here are the Google search results from Dec. 22.2014 for:

affiliate high income business opportunities    

Google search results from- 31.300.000 searches  -page #1 -nr.1


affiliate High Income Business

Google search results from- 7.000.000 searches -page #1 nr.2

Notice how I break my keyword phrases down? Each phrase has many top ranking keywords in it, and I use them interchangeably .

For these keywords,


affiliate small business opportunities    

small business opportunities

As you can see for these keywords my site is not ranking well, and that is because these are not the main keywords that I use to optimize my site with and I don’t promote this site anymore. But still for my main keywords which I used to optimize my site with, almost all of them rank on Google page #1 for that particular keyword.


These are the keywords that I use in my Content (online optimization) on the Index page. Your offline optimization will be your <Meta Content>.

affiliate high income business opportunities   - H1 Header tag      

best affiliate small business opportunities      - H2 Header tag

You can use as many Header tags as you wish just don’t over do it.

Notice I did not search the name of my company-only the keywords that I use to optimize with, why? Because every company should rank # 1 for their own name, and the name is basically unimportant (that is unless someone is searching for you by name) if you search my company’s name on Google you will see that rcmg-3.com is #1 from only 7.560 searches-peanuts, when my keyword best affiliate small business opportunities from a search results of 303.000.000 searches is ranked on Google’s- page #1. And if you don’t believe this, search my keywords in Explorer and find out for yourself.


So as you can see, it’s very IMPORTANT to use keywords to optimize your site the right way, to get good placement in Google and traffic coming to your site. And if your site rank good in Google then it will rank good in all other search engines. Your website placement in Google will be determined mostly by the keywords and Content that you use to optimize your site with.Just remember that when a search engine send out it’s spider to crawl your websites index page, and the rest of your site and links it will crawl it from top left to bottom right, and if you have no keywords on your INDEX page your site will be deemed unimportant and will show up on page 30 in a Google search.

Place your keywords in your Header, the Content and Bottom of the index page


Always bold and put your MAIN keywords in italic. Search engines love this. Sure you can have a keyword generator in your Meta Content, but are they the keywords that you really need to optimize your website with? NO. And if your website is a flash website, it will be hard for you to rank good in Google.


If you search all of my keywords in Google you will see my website rcmg-3.com  has top ranking for almost all of these keywords even though I hardly promote this site.


Q- how do I do this and not pay one RED CENT for it? 


I’ll gladly explain this to anyone who is willing to listen, all you have to do is join my news letter at rcmg-3.com and I will give you FREE of charge all the information that you need.



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