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After you wipe the sweat off your braw and say, I finally finished my book, comes the hard part. It is NOT an easy task, if you do not know what you’re doing to market your book or any product for that matter. And it can be a headache launching and maintaining a successful marketing strategy and publicity campaign.

Our program will definitely give your work that quick start and accelerate your efforts in promoting your book, our prices are “Human”, so check out what we are offering you… But before you make a decision, or even if you don't make a decision the following article can give you some help and guidance anyway-So

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RCMG Marketing - Black Book Promotion takes the headache out of launching and maintaining a successful marketing strategy and publicity campaign. We take it to the outer limits and make it easier for you to reach your targeted audience and give you professional service that assures that you are getting your money's worth and that your campaign will reach millions of potential buyers. We offer what no other promotion company offer and if you find any company with prices better than ours we will match that and any price that anyone can offer you. We are your one stop book promoting center that offer you everything; even the kitchen sink to help authors get the word out about their upcoming event, everything in one hand.

RCMG Marketing - Black Book Promotion service is your JV partner in crime, and we will actually knock the competition out of the sky. JV partners are very difficult to come by especially if you are just starting out, because they usually want to partner with someone who more or less have a little clout. Just remember that most publishing companies will not do a very good job to promote a new book or author, and you are basically left alone to do the publishing as best as you can. We are primarily concerned with promoting books by black publishers who publish their books themselves, we offer the best that there is in marketing and professional services for African-American writers, and offer a timely and important service for you to get the word out about your literary work, and then connect to your target audience.

RCMG Marketing - Black Book Promotion review and marketing campaigns generates that additional buzz that strengthens the author or publisher's own advertising and marketing efforts. If you are working on a strict budget and can’t afford a double or triple $250 promo email campaign action as often as you would like, (we keep it affordable so you can). Your message is important so it’s worth repeating and by marketing the way we do you pay one time and get unlimited views not by hundreds of thousands but millions of potential customers, this way your work will always be on the minds of your target audience. Even if you do hire a promotion company to promote your book, there are some things that you also can do to help-in order for your book to be successful here’s a check list of the things which you must do to sell your book, these things are an absolute must, otherwise forget it, because you need traffic to sell your book.

  • write and submit a news or press release
  • write and submit an article to drive traffic to your book
  • make a blog
  • buy domain name
  • buy copies
  • advertise on Facebook
  • advertise on twitter
  • submit to blogs
  • make a small Youtube video

Articles and Reviews - Helps you to reach millions of potential buyers

the advantage is that once you get your article up it continues for years to come to promote your book, with email marketing on the other hand, you get 1 or 2 emails sent out to your targeted audience and that’s it. We don’t use email marketing because we feel that it is less effective that article marketing, because with article marketing your book is available to millions

Blog - Transform your books blog into a powerful marketing tool with our one step book promotion service

it is very important to have a blog or website, this increases your visibility and presence, here you can place pics and other things on the site to enhance your sales possibilities, visual perception is very important it helps the potential buyer to make a more informed choice. We will build your blog and do the S.E.O. for it as well guarantee to get Google placement within 48 hours- we offer a different type of book promotion service that most companies have no idea about, because we do it based on the concept of affiliate marketing. When it comes to promoting your work we know the ropes and can offer you the very best price that you can have. Each submission site will generate traffic to your Blog, and each site your article is posted on is another inbound link that helps with your blogs search engine rankings.

Register A Domain Name - This helps to give your book clout and a must to get the reaction that you need and want.

Your book needs a home, you need a place to send your potentia buyers to besides the address of your publisher, and if you are the publisher, the more you need this.

Write A News or Press Release

One essential strategies of driving traffic to your site or blog is through a press release. Strategically using press releases and other media communications can supercharge your other marketing efforts. Reach your target audience through media attention. Writing a press or news release can be a tricly thing and you have to do it right, otherwise it might be rejected by the company that you want to submit it to.   

Write Your Review

Writing reviews is another excellent way to drive traffic to your blog or site, by placing reviews and articles on article sites you insure that your promotion will be long lasting and continuous.

Submit  Your Press Release  
You have free and paid press release companies, I prefer to pay because I am assured that my information will reach my targeted audience and millions of potential buyers.
Submit  Your Review
This is basically the same as submitting a press release as, it takes time and lots of effort on your part to get the message out in this way.
Submit  Your Blogs
After you have created, or someone else has created your blog for you, you have to submit it to hundreds of blog sites, so how would you do this if you have no knowledge. With our professional book promotion service you don't have to worry about any of this because we have a better way of doing it, and we know all the ropes. So do yourself a favour and let us do the dirty work for you.

Once everything is in place you can sit back relax, and let your Blog, article news letter and press release work for you, you don’t have to worry about relying on other authors, publishers and readers to help get the word out about your literary work, everything that we do is pointed directly at your targeted audience. We take the headache out of launching and maintaining a successful marketing and publicity campaign. With our professional service we make it easier to reach your targeted audience. We do not rely heavily on email promotion or marketing we take it 2 steps further with more article, reviews, and blog marketing to get your message to eager targeted buyers. What I want to say is that email marketing is not enough, it has to be taken further, and that is where we come in.

We cannot express enough the importance and the need to correctly promote and market your book and literary works. And if you have to rely on a promoter that is only sending your information to their or your email list then you are missing out on at least 50% of your potential customers because, it’s not about the amount of emails that are sent out but to whom, by this I mean that your work and has to be sent to a list of buyers, this is very important and if the company that you hire to do this for you have, let’s say a mailing list of 100.000 customers, you can only figure that maybe 10% of these buyers would consider purchasing your book, that’s only 1000 potential buyers; and you can figure that only 10% of these will actually purchase, so it’s important to have an overall strategy and campaign. The price that most promoters charge is staggering in comparison to the results that you would get.
Most companies will charge you a minimum of $350 to send your information to their list of 100.000 potential buyers, that’s very expensive considering the amount of money that you have to spend for this. Because if you receive residuals from your book of $5.00 for each book sold that would amount to only $500, but you would have to pay at least $350 for that action, that equals a profit of only $150.00 if you are lucky, that means that you are only earning $1.50 for the sale of 100 books. But the way we do it through article and ezine marketing your information will remain visible to viewers for months on end. And you pay for only one action taken.
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