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Having an effective marketing campaign is a must for any business. Successfully marketing your business, product or service will help your business to grow in terms in popularity, and increasing your sales, which is your ultimate goal. For many businesses, article marketing may be the form of advertising you have been looking for. Not only is it a fast and easy way of marketing your business, it is also extremely effective in reaching millions of customers through your content.


Not all companies have the necessary skills to produce professional, coherent and promotional articles themselves. So if you are considering including Article Marketing in your campaigns but are unsure how to do this successfully, look no further than RCMG-3 Marketing’s “Professional Article Writing Service”.

We can provide you with 100% unique content at word counts between 500 to 800 words. Keeping SEO in mind at all times, we will ensure that your articles are keyword rich and are structured around specific phrases and TOPICS which are set by YOU.

We help customers built their online businesses in every category possible. Entertainment, Money & Business, Health & Beauty, Home & Family, and more. We deal in large traffic niches as well as hyper-profitable smaller ones, and we have gained vast experience in every aspect of what it takes to make an online business thrive in any economy (good or bad - time after time!)


Our Submission Service


Have your website AUTOMATICALLY submitted to Article Submission sites so YOU don't have to. This is an automated software service. A member of our team will personally take your website submit it to 200 article submission sites.

Have your Articles MANUALLY submitted to Article Submission sites so YOU don't have to. This is not an automated software service. A member of our team will personally take your articles and submit it to the “TOP TIER” submission sites with a PR ranking of 4 or more. One of the biggest headaches about getting quick SEO placement online is the time it takes to submit your article to the many different sites and having to remember all the usernames and passwords.


Since we started our niche Article Writing Service, we have been overwhelmed with the amount of orders we have received and many of our customers have been so impressed with their first orders that they are continuously returning for more.


We realize the importance of marketing within a budget which is why we also offer this fantastic priced package, meaning the more articles you order with rcmg-3, the cheaper they will be! We have developed an office concept and package designed to fit your budget and needs with an automatic 30% discount on our package. For a complete and successful start of your online business we offer the following service to you:

Compare our service with the average price for other article writing services.
Other Services: 400-600 word article: 
1 Article   2 - 5 Articles  6 - 10 Articles 11 + Articles 21+ Articles
$45 per article $40 per article $35 per article   $30 per article $33 per article
Our Services: 600-800 word article: 
1 Article   2 - 5 Articles  6 - 10 Articles 11 + Articles 21+ Articles
$35 per article $30 per article $25 per article   $20 per article $23 per article

You probably have better things to be doing!


Believe me, article submission can be a total headache. This kind of work should be outsourced. Spending half a day logging in and submitting your articles to the many different sites is a waste of your time. I’m sure you can think of a 100 ways that you could better spend your time.


If you have been using article marketing techniques and not getting the results that you want, our methods will amaze you! The best part is, it eliminates all of the frustration and hard work that most people put into their article marketing.


Why Should You Use Online Article Submission Sites?

  • Get Google placement within 48 hours. Each submission site will generate traffic to your website.
  • Each site your article is posted on is another inbound link that helps with your search engine rankings.
  • The greater the number of sites your article is on, the greater the chances of someone finding your website.

Why Should You Outsource Your Online Article Submission To Us?

  • We do this all the time and can do it better and quicker than you, making sure that your submission get out there as soon as possible.
  • While we are submitting your website and posting your article you can be promoting your business in other ways.
  • We know which submission sites are worth submitting and posting to and which are not.

Now can you start taking advantage of this fantastic service for your marketing campaign, please contact us if you have any questions or to order your Article Writing Service Package. Please email us at ior Contact me personally, Don Ridgeway at dridgeway@rcmg-3.com. You can give us a call at 916 489 8372 and our team will contact you.

High quality, keyword rich content is a must for any marketing campaign. By using RCMG-3 Marketing Professional Article Writing Service, you will soon see just how effective this form of marketing is for yourself. So what are you waiting for? To order today, simply click here:





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